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From Michael Rimov <>
Subject RE: -Xincgc, -Xms600, -Xmx600
Date Thu, 05 Jun 2003 01:22:15 GMT
At 08:56 AM 6/3/2003 -0400, you wrote:

> >Sure, it is possible that the gc could run as long as your process is
> >running, but it should stop after your process completes. If tomcat
> >running at 100% cpu forever, you have a problem ... something that
> >like an infinite loop.

I want to throw something else in here.  I came across some issues with 
Hotspot that seemed to cause this.

The workaround to keep from CPU-pegging was adding -Xint to the startup 
script. [Which makes things DOG SLOW since it turns off hotspot].  See if 
it crashes after a couple of days or not.

I had an issue with Expresso that caused this... I had a nested loop in a 
JSP page, that if I called the jsp page repeatedly, the system would lock 
with 100% CPU utilization. [Memory was not consumed at this point].  If I 
removed the code to a single loop, it seemed stable.

I haven't been able to get the test case small enough to submit a bug 
report, but for me, I had a couple of classes I marked 'final' and a few 
methods marked 'synchronized' that didn't need to be, and got it more 
stable.  I never encountered this issue on 1.4.2 beta so I figured it was 
something up with the hotspot for 1.4.1.

Anyway, it's just a shot!

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