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From Frank McCreedy <>
Subject errors on shutdown, failed request
Date Mon, 16 Jun 2003 15:50:43 GMT
Maybe this should go do dev list, sorry if I post to wrong one.

I having a couple of problems with Tomcat.  I'm running it as a service on 
windows 2000.  Here are the versions:

Apache 2.0.44
mod jk 2.0.2
Tomcat 4.1.18

First problem:

When a request fails (I'm doing post requests) because the client closes 
its output stream prematurely, an exception is not thrown in 
tomcat.  Instead, on the very next request, Tomcat tries to process the 
last request's data and throws the error then.  I don't see the error in 
the logs until the next request is performed after the failure.  The 
failure causes that request to fail too and it must be resubmitted.  It's 
like Tomcat isn't detecting the end of stream or IOException on the first 
request that fails so it can't clear some kind of incoming buffer maybe?

Second problem:

When the Tomcat service is shutdown, Tomcat (or something) is writing some 
data to any client output streams that it has open.  So instead of getting 
an IOException or end of stream or whatever on the client, I'm getting 
data, but it causes a problem for my client since it is trying to read a 
memory size for allocation but instead it's getting random garbage (maybe 
it's not so random I haven't looked into it further yet).  If the machine 
is reset this problem doesn't happen and I get the expected exception on 
the client.

Any ideas?

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