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From "Strecker, Mark" <>
Subject tomcat service running at 100% cpu ... formerly RE: -Xincgc, -Xms600, -Xmx600
Date Thu, 05 Jun 2003 15:03:01 GMT
Here's the situation :
Tomcat 4.x installed as windows service running continuously at 100% cpu for no apparent reason.
Apache forwarding requests to tomcat via jk.

I have some thread dumps that look very interesting. It appears that there is a thread issue
with jk. Open normal.txt and onehundred.txt in a comparison tool like xdiff and you will see
what I am talking about.

I attached 3 thread dumps :
- normal.txt is the thread dump when tomcat is running as expected
- onehundred.txt is the thread dump when tomcat is at 100% cpu. NOTE that no applications
are running inside Tomcat.
- moreinfo.txt is the thread dump after I logged into the admin page to check the debug options
for the jk Connector. Interestingly enough, the Connector page didn't load when I clicked
on it(exceptions logged) AND there are even more threads in a wait state.

I am looking for suggestions on what to do next. Any thoughts/suggestions are welcome.


PS. Thanks to John Smith for the tip on this,
, thread dump tool.

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