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From Kief Morris <>
Subject Re: Need to restart tomcat very frequently
Date Sun, 15 Jun 2003 11:58:09 GMT
Paridhi Bansal typed the following on 13:25 14/06/2003 -0500
>In our case,high no. of concurrent requests is not requireqd. no 
>multithreading is being used at servlet end. So i have put maxProcessors in 
>server.xml to 30..however, whenevr i start tomcat, it starts with 9 java 
>threads that increase to 24 within seconds..WHY is this so?????????

This is normal for Tomcat, which uses many threads for its operations;
it gets a bunch ready to handle incoming requests, for example. It's
not relevant to your problem.

>when i open the applicaions frequently, tomcat starts behaving 
> of threads is ususlly b/w 28-29..sometimes i get the applet 
>displaying the empty table but no data, sometimes i am not able to save the 
>data...sometimes, tomcat gives socket exception..WHY does it behaves like 
>this?????????On restarting tomcat, things start working fine...

It's hard to guess what's wrong with your application, although it's most
certainly due to your application's coding. Are you writing thread-safe
code, i.e. being careful with class variables and static variables so multiple
threads accessing the application at the same time aren't getting their
data confused? Where are the socket exceptions coming from, there may
be a problem with your database related code.


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