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From Tim Funk <>
Subject Re: Cookie handling in IE6 and session handling of tomcat 4.1.24
Date Wed, 25 Jun 2003 15:45:36 GMT
The scenario I described was different. There is some version of IE that does 
not send cookies of the smae name in the correct order. This messes up 
session handling.

Your issue is different since there are not seperate webapps but users seeing 
each other session data. There have been many discussions about tomcat 
handing out duplicate session ids and tomcat swapping user sessions. For the 
most part - i never recalled any real issue with tomcat on any of these 
complaints. It usually turned out being a coding issue  - such as a 
concurrency issue because a servlet or JSP used class instance variables 
instead of local variables.


Suraj Berwal wrote:
> dear tim,
>    i am facing a similar problem with my clients on IE6.0 regarding the session handling
using tomcat 4.1.24. Actually the data is getting swapped for users there. can you please
elaborate on the info you have posted about cookie problem in IE and how it can affect the
session handling in tomcat. i have a singlw webapp and the tomcat is running on Standalone
> re,
> suraj berwal
>>Do you have other webapps? I thought I recall at one time, some version of IE 
>>did send cookies in the correct order. This can hurt session handling in tomcat.

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