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From Chong Yu Meng <>
Subject Re: [OT] best hardware config for Tomcat
Date Fri, 20 Jun 2003 13:03:30 GMT
Antony wrote:

>Thanks for the reply. I had never thought of the RAID sub system. My
>situation is that there is no one I know to advice me in this regard and my
>company can't affod any highly paid consultancy. That is why asked a
>question like this here.
>    Another question. Do Tomcat a requires a faster hard disk. The
>application uses JSP and Servlets only. No HTML pages are used and it
>generates some PDF and Excel files. It also serves some small images files
>from local hard disk. I think Tomcat will cache these images. Now my concern
>is  whether Tomcat's performance increases by faster DDR RAM.
>regards Antony

The answer to your problem is not in better RAM, a faster hard drive or 
even an expensive consultant. In what I consider "deep-s**t" situations 
like yours, where you have little time, no money and nobody you can turn 
to except yourself and the mailing list, your best bet is to deploy 
quickly and try getting money in, first. Why ? Because you're never 
going to have enough resources (hard drive, RAM, CPU) unless you make 
enough money to justify those resources.

For example, if I have a single-processor Pentium II 400MHz machine with 
a 40GB hard drive and 128MB RAM, I would benchmark it against the number 
of concurrent connections it can handle. I would then take that number 
and multiply it by 10 to give me a total number of customers (in Asia 
this is realistic, though I cannot say for other parts of the world). I 
would calculate how much money I would make off those customers and then 
see if I should :
(a) invest in more hardware (RAM, CPU, HDD)
(b) buy another server
(c) hire a consultant
(d) give myself an obscene amount of money !

Hope this helps !

pascal chong

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