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From Tim Funk <>
Subject Re: How to stop execution of infinite loop in Tomcat ?
Date Wed, 18 Jun 2003 10:55:35 GMT
AFAIK, no. If the JSP/servlet was writing to stream - the browser closing the 
connection could trigger an IO eventually. Of you can "luck out" with a 
recursive loop and end up with a stack overflow.

But if you are in a tight loop like this:
while(true) {
   int foo=1;

Then you are out of most likely luck.

Killing threads in the JVM is "unsafe". See the java.lang.Thread for details why.


anto paul wrote:
> Hi
>     Is there any way to stop the execution of a JSP page on a remote server
> ? Today by mistake I wrote code which print inside a while loop. By mistake
> I increased the counter instead of decreasing it. How I can stop the
> execution of the page. Tomcat is running in another machine which I have no
> physical access.
>  Regards
> Anto paul

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