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From Lee W <>
Subject Stopping external access to jsp files
Date Sat, 14 Jun 2003 22:47:17 GMT
Hi Everyone,

After some good advise from members of this lists (thanks again) I have 
started learning about servlets.

I have created a simple servlet that act as a controller in my webapp, 
this is where all requests get sent to.  However I have not been able to 
find a way to stop users from getting to the .jsp files that the servlet 
uses for the presentation element.

I know that I could use Tomcat along with Apache HTTP server to restrict 
access to the JSP pages but I was wondering if anyone knew how to 
specify in the web.xml file that users should not be able to get to the 
jsp's but the servlets (and  jsp's can access other jsp's via include or 
forward).  My reading of the docs on the tomcat website and by STW have 
not yielded any suggestions.

Thanks again.



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