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From Lee W <>
Subject Custom error pages & Internet Explorer
Date Wed, 11 Jun 2003 13:28:56 GMT

I have just started learning JSP & Tomcat so please be gentle.

I am currently designing a webapp and was trying to get some custom 
error pages working (currently just to handle 404, page cannot be 
found).  However they don't seem to work in Internet Explorer.

All of the default Tomcat errors work fine and so do my custom ones when 
viewed in Mozilla, however IE just displays the default Microsoft errors.

I though that maybe IE was using the HTTP return code in order to 
determine which page was displayed so I try changing that code using (in 
the custom error jsp page):

	response.setStatus() - with codes SC_OK, SC_MOVE_TEMPORARILY

All this ended up doing is was breaking Mozilla & causing the default 
Tomcat errors to come back.

Searching though the achives someone posted a similar problem last year 
but either the archive does not have the replies or no-one replied to 
the poster.

Any help here would be appreciated.



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