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From Graham Smith <>
Subject mod_jk mapping
Date Tue, 03 Jun 2003 12:46:45 GMT

Quick question about mapping mod_jk requests to webapps. I run the site which has all requests redirected to tomcat via apache 
using mod_jk and a JkMount of /* in the virtual server definition. At 
the minute the web app that this points to has the context /xfly so 
paths have to be of the form:

What I would like is to maintain the webapp as it is but drop the second 
xfly so that I can have urls of the form:

Is this possible? I know that I could define a context along the lines of:
<Context path="" docBase="xfly" ... >
and I have done, but that doesn't really solve the multiple webapps in 
one container problem.

Note: At the minute I want to handle all the requests myself in the 
tomcat container and that all pages are dynamically created.


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