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From Geralyn M Hollerman <>
Subject Re: Tomcat problems every morning.
Date Mon, 02 Jun 2003 14:50:11 GMT
Chong Yu Meng wrote:

> You could write a small program (not a servlet) that polls the database
> (i.e. connect to the database, retrieve some data, disconnect) at
> regular intervals and records to a file both successes and failures.
> Then maybe trigger a server reboot when it detects a connection problem.
> This will add some overhead to both your app server and database server,
> so, be advised. You could run this for a couple of days, just enough to
> collect data to show to the DBA's.

For the stuff I'm working with, *I'm* the DBA. I thought about trying
just what you suggested, but what stopped me was when we had a 4.0.x
version of Tomcat running on another server and it didn't display any of
the "Communication Link Failure" problems I saw; this all cropped up
when I first got my hands on a copy of 4.1.12. I noticed that 4.1.12 was
the first version I had where Tomcat did the connection pooling as well,
although I didn't *think* I was using it - maybe I'd best take a closer
look at that part of the docs!

Lynn Hollerman.

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