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From Kwok Peng Tuck <>
Subject Re: faulty fix for (javax.servlet does not exist)
Date Mon, 02 Jun 2003 06:36:56 GMT
Actually setting the $CLASSPATH should work. I prefer the 'javac 
-classpath' method, as you can specify the jars that you want instead of 
a bunch of directories in the $CLASSPATH variable.  Try combining that 
with a shell script, saves you from typing too many times. Better yet, 
use ant.

Jonathan Michael Nowacki wrote:

>Holy cow!!! It worked.  Thank you very much Kwok Peng Tuck
>It's still puzzles me why
>javac -classpath /var/tomcat4/common/lib/servlet.jar
>works yet
>javac doesn't when I set my class path variable.
>$ echo $CLASSPATH
>$ javac
> package javax.servlet does not exist
>import javax.servlet.*;
> package javax.servlet.http does not exist
>import javax.servlet.http.*;
>the $CLASSPATH variable is the same as whats after -classpath, why does
>one work and the other doesn't.
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