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From Chong Yu Meng <>
Subject jk2.socket permissions
Date Mon, 02 Jun 2003 02:50:31 GMT
I've almost got UNIX sockets to work, but for a rather strange problem 
that could be the result of my configuration.

1. I installed Tomcat as root, and it starts up as root.
2. Apache2 starts up as user apache2 and group apache2
3. I initially created an empty file (did not want to use the jk2.socket 
inside /opt/tomcat/work, instead I created jk2.socket inside /var/run), 
and changed group to apache2
4. When Tomcat starts up, it changes the group back to root, and Apache 
cannot write to the file
5. If I changed the jk2.socket group ownership to apache2 *after* Tomcat 
starts up, the whole configuration works!

So, my question is : what is the proper method of setting the 
permissions on the file. Setting it to global read/write does not work. 
Already tried that.

pascal chong

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