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From "Cox, Charlie" <>
Subject RE: ClassCastException
Date Mon, 16 Jun 2003 16:03:08 GMT
you will probably want to review in the source. This
is the web app's classloader and contains details of setting and delegating
to the parent. Note that it does not use normal delegation - that is it
looks up the class before delegating to the parent.


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> From: Anna []
> Sent: Monday, June 16, 2003 11:25 AM
> To: Tomcat Users List
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> Subject: RE: ClassCastException
> i need to do some kind of dynamic plugin managment ... i 
> retrieve files from directory .. and extract names ... after 
> that i use these names to load classes dynamicaly ... 
> i catched article what did you post ... but i have some 
> problems with this ... could you plz explain me how i can set 
> my "classloader's parent to the current classloader"
> Anna
>   you need to set your classloader's parent to the current 
> classloader. Have you reviewed Tomcat's classloader document 
> so that you understand how tomcat works before trying to load 
> your own classes? 

  Is there a reason to do this as opposed to moving your classes into
tomcat's WEB-INF directory? I wouldn't do this if you are just trying to
avoid copying your files to tomcat's directory from your network drive.


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