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From Holger Klawitter <>
Subject Re: logging + tomcat (4.1.24,Linux)
Date Wed, 25 Jun 2003 11:43:32 GMT

> So in my situation  - I ignore the tomcat-loggers (almost), and use the
> config settings for my logging implementation (In particular, log4j).

The problem is that now the tomcat admin has to maintain another config file 
containing the (same) paths to the logdir - I'd rather like to avoid that. 
Have you managed to avoid that?

The tomcat logging is funny at that point indeed - the doc talks about how to 
direct log messages, but no word about how to create them. ;-)

Mit freundlichem Gruß / With kind regards
	Holger Klawitter
lists <at> klawitter <dot> de

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