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From Holger Klawitter <>
Subject logging + tomcat (4.1.24,Linux)
Date Wed, 25 Jun 2003 09:14:36 GMT
Hi there,

since someone already suggested homicide on servlet developers writing to 
stderr I tried to use (commons) logging in my webapps as suggest in the docs. 

I have the following Logger Elements in my server.xml:

(under Service)
<Logger className="org.apache.catalina.logger.FileLogger"
              prefix="catalina_log." suffix=".txt"
[this file is not even being created]

(under host)
<Logger className="org.apache.catalina.logger.FileLogger"
                directory="logs"  prefix="logger." suffix=".log"
[only status messages go here, but no output from the webapp]

AFAICS, all logging systems (SUN, log4j and commons) have no connection to the 
Tomcat logger elements. How can these Loggers be made interacting with Tomcat 

Mit freundlichem Gruß / With kind regards
	Holger Klawitter
lists <at> klawitter <dot> de

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