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From <>
Subject newbie - program structure
Date Tue, 17 Jun 2003 23:51:23 GMT
ok, I am used to Java and PHP and had a question about
where to put jsp/servlet code. what is the best thing
to do?

I am used to just putting it anywhere I want as long
as I sperate it how I would like BUt with jsp it seems
you need to tell it the actual folders the jsp is in.

what I was looking for is like, here is my normal web
page strucutre, full of sub dirs.

/path/to/my/www/root/index.html et al

when I see a jsp file, to send to tomcat.

is this possible, I am not sure how the magic happens.

where does the jsp file go? in the normal www
structure and the processing is passed on that file to
the tomcat process for execution, correct?

I don't see how to set it up recurvisly it does not
seem to work? I know I can do *.jsp etc.


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