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From "Paridhi Bansal" <>
Subject taking quite a long time for applet to come up
Date Mon, 16 Jun 2003 16:12:34 GMT

I have tomcat 4.0.6 running servlet-applet application..i have two folders in my webapps folder
and i have removed all the original folders(manager, example,tomcat-docs)from webapps.i have
removed corresponding entries from server.xml file also..still whenever, i restart tomcat,
in the logs i can see tomcat redaing and loading variouus parameters say web.xml for all these
now non-existing directories..From where(which conf file) is it reading this info???Can this
be a factor for the slowness??

Next, my application is SSL based and i have used BASIC authentication scheme..My servlet
is invoked from an html page link.. Initially b4 i get the html page , i get the certificate
dialog box and username-password window..then html page openes up..on clicking the link to
servlet, the applet sized base shows up on the next page immediately but it takes a lot of
time for the applet to between the certificate appears again and the authentication
window too comes in again...

I wanted to ask why is the authentication window coming twice when it's the same username
and password that user has to it possible to get rid of any one of these windows
so that ineed to authenticate only once..

Second, is it possible to reduce the time between my clicking on the hyperlink and the second
certificate screen to come up...why does it takes so much time???because once the certificate
screen appears, the auth window comes quickly and then within 20-30 seconds, the applet appears..IS
IT possible to somehow reduce the time for the applet to appear????????//

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