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From "Paridhi Bansal" <>
Subject Re: Need to restart tomcat very frequently
Date Mon, 16 Jun 2003 04:53:32 GMT

Thanx for the reply..Actually In my case, though it's a web-based application but it's still
at testing stage..there's max 1 user at a there's no question of multiple threads
accesing the code at atime..moreover, the servlet too just has a single thread for processing..

besides this, the application works fine most of the time,'s only some times when i keep
on closing and opening the application again and again, or when it's kept open for very long,
things go this time, when i try to shutdown tomcat, then also it gives netsocket
exception..i have to forcefully shut it down using killall java and then restart it..Restarting
tomcat makes thing start working fine again..

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From: Kief Morris <>
Date: Sun, 15 Jun 2003 12:58:09 +0100
To: "Tomcat Users List" <>
Subject: Re: Need to restart tomcat very frequently

> Paridhi Bansal typed the following on 13:25 14/06/2003 -0500
> >In our case,high no. of concurrent requests is not requireqd. no 
> >multithreading is being used at servlet end. So i have put maxProcessors in 
> >server.xml to 30..however, whenevr i start tomcat, it starts with 9 java 
> >threads that increase to 24 within seconds..WHY is this so?????????
> This is normal for Tomcat, which uses many threads for its operations;
> it gets a bunch ready to handle incoming requests, for example. It's
> not relevant to your problem.
> >when i open the applicaions frequently, tomcat starts behaving 
> > of threads is ususlly b/w 28-29..sometimes i get the applet 
> >displaying the empty table but no data, sometimes i am not able to save the 
> >data...sometimes, tomcat gives socket exception..WHY does it behaves like 
> >this?????????On restarting tomcat, things start working fine...
> It's hard to guess what's wrong with your application, although it's most
> certainly due to your application's coding. Are you writing thread-safe
> code, i.e. being careful with class variables and static variables so multiple
> threads accessing the application at the same time aren't getting their
> data confused? Where are the socket exceptions coming from, there may
> be a problem with your database related code.
> Kief
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