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From Jason Bainbridge <>
Subject Re: gif image not appearing
Date Sat, 14 Jun 2003 18:50:21 GMT
On Sun, 15 Jun 2003 02:34, Paridhi Bansal wrote:
> https://localhost:8443/test/servlet/servletname
> where test is inside webapps folder
> moreover, on viewing the properties of the image on the web browser shows
> the correct path..If u give that url on the browser, the image appears, it
> gets into the cache i believe, and then when i reopen the servlet, the
> image appears but not the applet..

So the gif is within the html not the applet? I have seen similar problems 
with 4.03 with images sometimes not displaying, never worked out why but I 
haven't seen the problem with 4.1.24 so maybe an upgrade is the way to go? 
Maybe someone else can shine some light on this behaviour?

Also I highly recommend that you put your servlet(s) within a package, check 
out the second lost of links here for explanations why, it 
will make your life easier and more secure. :)

Jason Bainbridge

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