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From "Paridhi Bansal" <>
Subject Need to restart tomcat very frequently
Date Sat, 14 Jun 2003 18:25:03 GMT

I am developing a web-based application using servlets and applets concept..I am using  tomcat
4.0.6 as standalone server..The server hosts two applications both at the same port..So i
have madetwo folders app1 and app2 inside my webapps directory..i have made corresponding
contexts in server.xml. one application take inputs from the user and this data is displayec
and is to be subsequently saved on the server and the other application displays the stored
data..The stored data can be as large as 5MB..

In our case,high no. of concurrent requests is not requireqd. no multithreading is being used
at servlet end. So i have put maxProcessors in server.xml to 30..however, whenevr i start
tomcat, it starts with 9 java threads that increase to 24 within seconds..WHY is this so?????????

when i open the applicaions frequently, tomcat starts behaving of threads
is ususlly b/w 28-29..sometimes i get the applet displaying the empty table but no data, sometimes
i am not able to save the data...sometimes, tomcat gives socket exception..WHY does it behaves
like this?????????On restarting tomcat, things start working fine...

I am really not able to understand the cause of erratic behaviour..i have to restart it 5-10
times within a day..this is the case when ther are ot more than 2 users..

Can somebody help me out of the situation...

looking forward for replies,
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