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From "Paridhi Bansal" <>
Subject gif image not appearing
Date Sat, 14 Jun 2003 18:05:05 GMT

I have a web-based application that uses servlets and throws an applet to the client side..I
am using tomcat4.0.6 standalone server..First an html page is displayed on the browser. On
clicking the link, the servlet is invoked that throws the applet and jar file to the client.
The applet has a JTable and a gif image.The table displays the data pushed by servlet..however,
the gif image is not appearing..though it shows the correct path on right clicking, but it's
not displayeed. If i include this gif image  on the first html page, it appears on the applet
but then the data in the table is not displayed..

My directory structure is :
i have folders test and images inside the webapps directory.the servlet is inside test/WEB-INF/classes
and the gif image is inside images folder..i have also kept the image inside the jar file...

What can be the problem??Any help will be appreciated...

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