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From "Hollerman Geralyn M" <>
Subject Re: Thanks to John and Geralyn
Date Sun, 01 Jun 2003 13:47:49 GMT
On Sun, 1 Jun 2003 14:56:19 +0800, joe wrote
> coyote. What should be the proper way to build mod-jk2? or can i 
> just use the binary version available on apache website which is 
> meant for apache 2.0.42, wherelse i'm using
> 2.0.46?

I used both a version of mod_jk2 that my sysadmin built (he is root on the
system - and he's built Apache connectors for other things) and a binary (I
think it was said it was for Apache 2.0.43? There were only 3 of them there
for Solaris8 - I believe this was on the standard Apache-Tomcat connectors
site) that I downloaded; both worked for me running Apache 2.0.45. As far as
which was fast or more efficient, that's to be determined later!

Lynn Hollerman.

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