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From Sharon Stahl <>
Subject Re: building mod_proxy Apache 1.3
Date Wed, 28 May 2003 18:59:07 GMT
 Hi Eric,
   I have not done this but I notice that you don't mention running
   'make' after you did the configure.   configure should have produced
   a Makefile.  When you run make do you get the or are
   you getting some kind of error?
Aloha, Sharon

> From: Eric fiedler <>
> Has anyone who has integrated Apache and Tomcat built mod_proxy by any
> chance?
> My documentation on the Jakarta tomcat proxy hot-two document says to run
> the following command. I am on a Solaris machine:
> 	./configure --enable-module=proxy
> This creates a file called mod_proxy.o; not as the
> documentation says it should. The next step the documentation says is too
> add the line "LoadModule proxy_module libexec/" and as stated, I
> have mod_proxy.o
> Anyone know what I am doing wrong or something else that should be done?
> Thanks.

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