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From Marquardt Angela <>
Subject Content Management in integrated iPlanet/Tomcat
Date Mon, 30 Jun 2003 09:13:04 GMT

I have a problem mapping JSP content from iPlanet to Tomcat, due to "historical" content distribution
in different directories. It is not possible to generate war files and deploy those.

This is my setup:
Tomcat is installed in /opt/Tomcat and looks for content relative to the install dir.
With a context description it is possible to map the webapps directory to a different path,
f.e. webapps_addon, but still this has to be under the install dir.

Now, there is content in a /content directory as well as in /content1.
JSP Files, which have to be processed by the Tomcat Engine, are located in both, and JSPs
in f.e. /content/tools use files in /content/images or /content/dhtml.

1. A link from /opt/Tomcat/webapps/tools to /content/tools did not work and generates 404
2. Copying /content/tools, /content/images, /content/dhtml ...  to /opt/Tomcat/webapps hands
over more content than possible to Tomcat Servlet Engine.
3. Installing Tomcat in /content would prevent JSPs in /content1 from being executed.

Which possibilities are there to configure that? Any hint will be appreciated.

Cheers, Angela

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