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Subject Tomcat Class Loader (parent/child tree)
Date Tue, 17 Jun 2003 13:50:13 GMT


According to the tomcat documentation: 

"Normally, when a class loader is asked to load a particular
class or resource, it delegates the request to a parent class
loader first, and then looks in its own repositories only if
the parent class loader(s) cannot find the requested class or

>>From what I understand from the documentation, the common/lib
directory is a parent to the webapp1/lib directory and therefore
according to the preceding quote, Tomcat should look first in
common/lib and THEN in webapp1/lib.

I tried putting two identically-named classes in the common/lib
directory and in the webapp1/lib.  My jsp uses the class loaded
from webapp1/lib and not the class loaded from common/lib.  Is
this not contradictory??


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