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From Tony Grant <>
Subject Re: installing a servlet
Date Mon, 23 Jun 2003 17:33:40 GMT
On Mon, 2003-06-23 at 14:49, John Turner wrote:

thanks for your kind patience John! Reading through the FAQs this seems
to be a common problem and others seem to have fixed it much more

> There's no URL mapping in that would send your servlet 
> request to Tomcat.
> The only requests for that will ever get to Tomcat are those 
> URLs that end in "*.jsp" because of this mapping:
> [*.jsp]
> If you want to map another URI, such as "*" you have 
> to add it.

OK Done.

Which gives on startup:

2003-06-23 18:22:33 HostConfig[]: Deploying web application
directory jformmail
2003-06-23 18:22:33 StandardHost[]: Installing web
application at context path /jformmail from URL
2003-06-23 18:22:33 WebappLoader[/jformmail]: Deploying class
repositories to work directory
2003-06-23 18:22:33 WebappLoader[/jformmail]: Deploy class files
/WEB-INF/classes to /var/tomcat4/webapps/jformmail/WEB-INF/classes
2003-06-23 18:22:33 StandardManager[/jformmail]: Seeding random number
generator class
2003-06-23 18:22:33 StandardManager[/jformmail]: Seeding of random
number generator has been completed
2003-06-23 18:22:33 StandardWrapper[/jformmail:default]: Loading
container servlet default
2003-06-23 18:22:33 StandardWrapper[/jformmail:invoker]: Loading
container servlet invoker


Tony Grant
-- Library management software toolkit, 
redhat linux on Sony Vaio C1XD, 
Dreamweaver MX with Tomcat and PostgreSQL

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