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From Nick Stuart <>
Subject Re: IIS and Image Problems...
Date Thu, 05 Jun 2003 16:56:57 GMT
Grr..silly list doesnt seem to want to post my messages! Any ways,
thanks for the input. At least I know I'm not the only one that has seen
this behavior. I have tried upgrading from 4.1.18 to 4.1.24 , but the
problem is still there! Also tried changing the files from html to jsp.
Still no go!
This would be an incredible show stopper if we had anything else besides
just the headers/titles on the pages that can be easily replaced with
Does anyone have any ideas of why this is happening?! Again problem is
only with IE.


On Wed, 2003-06-04 at 16:56, Jason Bainbridge wrote:
> On Thu, 5 Jun 2003 03:48, Nick Stuart wrote:
> > We are experiencing an odd problem here.I have tomcat 4.1.2, iis 5.0,
> > and isapi_redirector2 all talking to each other fine. The problem is
> > that for some reason, at random times some images wont load. All you get
> > is the nice place for the image with an x, like it cant find the image
> > or something, but if you hit refresh the image comes up. Again, this
> > only happens occasionally. Sometimes the images load sometimes they
> > don't.
> I used to see this problem with MSIE when using Tomcat 4.0.3 standalone but 
> never really investigated it as it wasn't consistent I'd be interested to see 
> if anyone could shine some light on the why though. It doesn't seem to happen 
> with 4.1.24 standalone though.
> Regards,

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