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From Jeroen Zwartepoorte <>
Subject JSP character conversion problem
Date Thu, 05 Jun 2003 14:59:37 GMT

We've got a problem with Tomcat 4.1.24. Data is entered and stored in a
MySQL database using a JSP/Struts based web application. This process
works fine. The input is converted correctly to UTF-8 and to ISO-8859-1
when stored in MySQL.

However, when the data is retrieved again (which also works fine) and
then stored in the outgoing HTML, something in the character conversion
breaks. Some characters which are in the ASCII character range are not
displayed correctly (a '?' character is shown instead). We've traced
this problem to the JSP -> HTML conversion: the data we get back from
MySQL is displayed correctly on stdout. Only when the JSP page is
compiled and shown in a browser (mozilla, IE) do you see question mark
characters in place of unicode characters (some characters which are not
displayed correctly are: ź (z with an accent), Ų (U with a trailing c))

We've tried everything that came up on google searches. Setting the
characterEncoding on the servlet request. Setting the Locale of the
HttpSession. Putting a page tag in the JSP specifically stating the
charset=ISO-8859-1. Even starting Tomcat with the option
file.encoding=iso8859-1. None of this works.

Does anyone here know what the problem could be?


Jeroen Zwartepoorte

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