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From "Pfingstl Gernot" <>
Subject JK2
Date Thu, 12 Jun 2003 15:49:26 GMT
How can I configure 2 JK2 connectors on one server?
  <jk2handler one>
  <jk2handler two>

If I have only "jk2handler one", its properties are fetchted from $CATALINABASE/conf/

BUT what if I also have "jk2handler two"? Where can I assign a different properties file or
how can I arrange one property file in two sections?

Second question: On my apache server I have following file:

	# Example socket channel, override port and host.

	# define the worker

	# Uri mapping

	# define the worker

	# Uri mapping
Where aegir is the name of the server where tomcat is running (its different from the server
wehre apache is running). The port number 58606 is ignored?! If I configure jk2.properies
(tomcat side) to the default port 8009 everything works correct (in is
58606!!). It seems apache module (mod_jk2-2.0.43.dll) ignores this value; if I switch on tomcat
side to 58606 the request is blocked.
What I'm doing wrong??

Thanks, Gernot

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