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From "NormW" <>
Subject Re: Question regarding "tomcat-apache.conf" file.
Date Mon, 16 Jun 2003 11:53:45 GMT
Good evening Kevin.
Takes my cue! What they are configuring there are the example applications
that come with Tomcat.... read what you can of the Tomcat docs once you get
Apache and Tomcat working and 'see' how straight-forward the setup actually
is... a bunch of settings that tell Apache what to send to the jk module and
a few more settings to configure jk and how it should contact Tomcat... this
is definitely not Harry Potter stuff! But the number of people who seem to
look for a magic phrase... Also the configuration of Tomcat is primarily
done by server.xml, so definitely read that (lots of comments) and get a
'feel' for what is used and can be used in your situation.
Best of luck,

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