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From Jose Euclides da Silva Junior - DATAPREVRJ <>
Subject jsp:getProperty Bug in TomCat 4.1.18 (running log attached) - st op using tomcat
Date Thu, 12 Jun 2003 15:59:56 GMT
In TomCat 4.1.18, its impossible to get any bean content as bellow! The
TomCat's running process seems to be WRONG.Why? The code bellow is correct,
and runs fine in OC4J! Unfortunately, I am thinking in stop using TomCat

<font class="Style_1"><a
Property name="dica" property="nomeDica" /></B></a></font>

But, this  bean property is well defined into my Javabeans!!!

Take a look at the log running process of Tomcat:
 dica = (euc.Dica) pageContext.getAttribute("dica", PageContext.PAGE_SCOPE);
        if (dica == null){
          try {
            dica = (euc.Dica)
java.beans.Beans.instantiate(this.getClass().getClassLoader(), "euc.Dica");
          } catch (ClassNotFoundException exc) {
            throw new InstantiationException(exc.getMessage());
          } catch (Exception exc) {
            throw new ServletException("Cannot create bean of class " +
"euc.Dica", exc);
          pageContext.setAttribute("dica", dica, PageContext.PAGE_SCOPE);

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