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From "Graham Reeds" <>
Subject Re: [OT] best hardware config for Tomcat
Date Fri, 20 Jun 2003 14:00:04 GMT
> It is production server. I am a staff of the company where I have to
> the application. We will use the server only at office time. At most 12
> hours a day. After that shut it down. I dont know  what to name this kind
> machines. I want to run the machine to run 12 hours a day and overcome the
> trouble of data loss. Any way u r mails have given me lots of insight. I
> think I have to learn more about hardware configurations. Why u r
> dual processors ?. Can a dual processor system switch to a single
> if one fails ?. Is there any bechmarks on hardware runningjava web
> applications ? If u suggest me any discussion forums or mailing lists
> I can ask this kind of questions I will not bother u with a silly

I can't give you an exact reason that dual processor is preferable, but we
used a simple 'off the shelf' Dell "pizza box" dual P4-1.3GHz w/ 1GB + 3 x
18Gb hdd's while testing our app and database.  Finally when the testing was
complete we rolled it out on to our monster server.  Maybe a Dell server
would suit you fine until you find your feet...


Graham Reeds, |

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