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From "Thomas Weller" <>
Subject Problems starting Tomcat from CD
Date Wed, 18 Jun 2003 09:28:15 GMT

We have developed a JSP application we want to provide on CD.
Tomcat-Version: 4.1.24-LE-jdk14
JDK Version: 1.4.1-b21

When starting Tomcat from a write protected medium, we get an exception
like this:

ContextConfig[/applicator]: Exception processing JAR at resource path
javax.servlet.ServletException: Exception processing JAR at resource
path /WEB-INF/lib/servlets-common.jar
[... more tracing information ...]

We already figured out that it is not just servlets-common.jar. It seems
to be quite random which JAR file produces that exception, dependent on
how many JAR files are in /WEB-INF/lib.

Our question is: Can we prevent Tomcat from trying to write onto CD
while processing the JAR? And how? 
Also interesting for us: What does Tomcat do while processing JARs?

Our second problem is sessions:

StandardManager[/applicator]: IOException while saving persisted
Z:\webserver\work\Standalone\localhost\applicator\SESSIONS.ser (Zugriff
at Method)
[... more tracing information ...]

First, we used a PersistentManager. In our mind, a StandardManager
should not try to write to the SESSIONS.ser file, but it does. Removing
the Manager entry from server.xml does not help, because Tomcat uses a
StandardManager then.

Our question is: Is there a way to stop the Manager from writing to
We already thought of implementing our own Manager, but we currently
have no idea what a Manager must do. Is there a chance of implementing
the org.apache.catalina.Manager interface with just every method
returning NULL?

Thanks for your help

Thomas Weller

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