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From "brainSucka" <>
Subject TomCat and WebSphere as EJB container
Date Mon, 30 Jun 2003 15:21:26 GMT
Hi All!

I got a pretty small and hopfull easy question (for you).

I need to use Tomcat with WebSphere Application Server Enterprise Edition.
The WASE should be EJB-Container for my WebApp.

The problem is, that i dont find any good documentation, how to use Remote
EJBs in Tomcat. In added some lines in web.xml and server.xml, but EJBs
seem not to work. Code snippet from web.xml:

<ejb-ref id="EjbRef_1">

and form server.xml

<Ejb name="ejb/EJBHome"

    <ResourceParams name="ejb/EJBHome">


Im not sure how to authanticate TomCat vs. WebSphere. How to activate
security in TomCat (ativated in Websphere)???

Hope there is someone out there who can help me :-)

AND: how can i "route" container based security from TomCat to WebSphere?
Usually one has to
authanticate via BASE-HTTP auth. vs. WebSphere container, but i have to use
TC now

Any suggestion ?

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