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From John Turner <>
Subject Re: Need Help in clearing my doubts
Date Fri, 30 May 2003 13:14:16 GMT

Thanks for the kind words.  I can tell you that I just tried Apache 2.0.45 
(from source), Tomcat 4.1.24, mod_jk 2.0.3 (from source...latest), and Red 
Hat 9.0, and everything worked fine, with only one snag, but that was a 
building Apache snag, not a mod_jk snag.

I will update my HOWTO soon, but as fas I can tell, nothing has changed 
even though Apache has revved up a couple, as has Red Hat and Tomcat.


On Fri, 30 May 2003 07:56:16 -0500, Geralyn M Hollerman 
<> wrote:

> Joe wrote:
>> According to one of the mail which I have received, I saw him putting
>> this in apache : httpd.conf:
>> ========================================================================
>> ====
>> JkWorkersFile
>> /home/gmh2441/uPortal/Tomcat_4-0-4/conf/
>> JkLogFile /home/gmh2441/uPortal/Tomcat_4-0-4/logs/mod_jk.log
>> JkLogLevel debug
>> JkOptions +ForwardDirectories
>> Alias /examples /home/gmh2441/uPortal/Tomcat_4-0-4/webapps/examples
>> <Directory "/home/gmh2441/uPortal/Tomcat_4-0-4/webapps/examples">
>> Options Indexes FollowSymLinks
>> </Directory>
>> <Location "/examples/WEB-INF/">
>> AllowOverride None
>> deny from all
>> </Location>
>> ========================================================================
>> ====
>> I tried putting the same thing into my httpd.conf, and now accessing the
>> example folder on port 80 works!.
> Joe,
> 'gmh2441' is me! That was an effort of mine, based on something I'd read
> - I've been to John Turner's site and tried his HOW-TO, but since we
> weren't using the exact same versions, I wasn't sure whether it would
> work or not. What I have read since, in an Apache-Tomcat book at a local
> bookstore, was that I needed that <Directory> entry in there. It works
> for you? That's GREAT! It didn't for me - but then again, there may've
> been something else unintended in there - I'll have to look again. I can
> get static files to display, but I can't get .jsps or .class files to
> execute - I see from my apache log that every request gets a 400 (bad
> request) response.
>> My question is :
>> 1) Based on the above config, it is asking apache to 're-direct' this
>> folder to the tomcat container and thus run on it. In that case, is
>> apache pushing all the jobs to tomcat instead?. What if some of the
>> files in this folder contains some html and is tomcat or apache
>> processing it??
> I think there was a "JkMount" directive after all that - I believe that
> would decide which files go to Apache and which to Tomcat.
>> 2) Secondly, if I were to have more folders which I need to publish on
>> the web, does it mean that I have to add or of it on this config file in
>> order for it to work?
> Try this URL for the answer to this - it's a sample mod_jk.conf file
> from John Turner.
> http://www.johnturner.come/howto/mod_jk_conf.html
> Basically, if I understand your question right, the answer is yes.
>> 3) I would appreciate if there are some kind soul could give me some URL
>> on how to utilize apache tomcat to process both static and jsp content.
> Well, for starters, John Turner's site ( was
> excellent; there were some answers at the apache site
> (; some more good advice at
>; and at
> There was
> also something I found useful, about mod_jk2, at
> But the main thing I found
> was that about every site I went to, I had to REALLY look around to find
> what I needed - and more often than not, I had to settle for a partial
> answer to any question I had.
> HTH!

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