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From John Turner <>
Subject Re: Thanks John---RE: Apache-Tomcat Config
Date Fri, 23 May 2003 15:25:46 GMT

Off-hand, I would say that the missing <Alias> and <Location> directives 
for Apache probably cause some unhappiness.

If your auto-generated mod_jk.conf doesn't match the one that is on my 
site, it means the Listener elements in Tomcat's server.xml aren't where 
they should be.

As far as separate machines, this is handled by changing the .host 
parameter in to the IP address of the server hosting 
Tomcat.  As far as the firewall is concerned, you'll need to ensure that 
the firewall allows communication back and forth between the Apache server 
and the Tomcat server.  Inbound connections to Tomcat from Apache are 
typically on port 8009, but they can be on any port you wish.

So, something like this (pseudocode...change to your firewall's syntax):

src apache.ip.address dest tomcat.ip.address port 8009 protocol any allow

That will keep unfriendlies from trying to jack your Tomcat server around 
on port 8009 without first going through your Apache server.


On Fri, 23 May 2003 11:11:50 -0400, Snelling, Jeff D. 
<> wrote:

> Problem resolved---Moving on too next questions. Please see final
> question below.
> I think that I identified 2 problems
> First:
> ServerName did not match throughout all config files. In Apache it was
> the servername and with Tomcat it was local host
> Second:
> The problem really got resolved when I used your sample mod_jk.conf
> file.
> I suspected all along that the problem was within the mod_jk.conf that
> was generated automatically by tomcat.
> What is wrong with this file?
> Here are the contents:
> ########## Auto generated on Thu May 22 16:19:29 EDT 2003##########
> <IfModule !mod_jk.c>
> LoadModule jk_module /web/test/apache/modules/
> </IfModule>
> JkWorkersFile "/web/test/tomcat/conf/jk/"
> JkLogFile "/web/test/tomcat/logs/mod_jk.log"
> JkLogLevel debug
> <VirtualHost localhost>
> ServerName localhost
> JkMount /examples ajp13
> JkMount /examples/* ajp13
> JkMount /webdav ajp13
> JkMount /webdav/* ajp13
> JkMount /tomcat-docs ajp13
> JkMount /tomcat-docs/* ajp13
> JkMount /manager ajp13
> JkMount /manager/* ajp13
> JkMount /admin ajp13
> JkMount /admin/* ajp13
> JkMount /*/servlet/ ajp13
> </VirtualHost>
> This works with both Apache and Tomcat on the same server, but what
> about when I separate them and pleace a firewall in between?
> How will all of the config files change?
> -----Original Message-----
> From: John Turner [] Sent: Friday, May 
> 23, 2003 9:54 AM
> To: Tomcat Users List
> Subject: Re: Apache-Tomcat Config
> If you follow one of my HOWTOs, every single change from a default 
> httpd.conf and default server.xml is explicitly described.
> You didn't describe if http://localhost:8080 works for servlets.  If it 
> does, then the problem is in your httpd.conf.  For an exact listing of
> the changes to httpd.conf for mod_jk, consult this example mod_jk.conf 
> file:
> John
> On Fri, 23 May 2003 09:43:07 -0400, Snelling, Jeff D. 
> <> wrote:
>> HELP!!
>> I wish to have a Standard Configuration of an Apache Web Server and a
>> Tomcat Servlet Engine. In our environment The Apache Web Server will
>> reside on a DMZ and the TomCat Servlet Engine will reside behind a
>> firewall. I am attempting to upgrade our older versions of this
>> configuartion to the latest and greatest.
>> Apache Web Server(2.0.44) -->DMZ (Firewall)-->Tomcat (4.1.24)
>> < mod_jk>
>> The examples web app is my test application. Serving up jsps is no
>> problem however when I attempt to test a servlet I get the following
>> error:
>> Not Found
>> The requested URL /examples/servlet/HelloWorldExample was not found on
>> this server.
>> Apache/2.0.44 (Unix) mod_jk/1.2.3-dev Server at
>> Port 80
>> I am attempting to build and test this config on my workstation. Both
>> Apache and Tomcat are installed locally on my machine in order for me
>> test differrent configurations. The Apache Web server, of course is
>> listening on port 80 and The Tomcat Web Server is listening on 8080.
> In
>> an attempt to isolate the source of the problem of accessing servlets
>> via the Apache Web Server I tested to make sure that the issue was not
>> with Tomcat, hence localhost:8080.
>> In my research of this problem, I have notice that this question is
>> asked many many times, and yet there never seems to be a clear answer,
>> and it also appears that the answer changes between versions.
>> FYI, I have also attempted to follow the detail instructions for
> setting
>> up this configuartion, outlined in the Wrox's "Professional Apache
>> Tomcat" <<Picture (Metafile)>> If possible, could some one send me a
> copy
>> of a httpd.conf, mod_jk.conf,
>>, server.xml, and web.xml files that will make the
>> above configuration work.
>> Jeff Snelling
>> Information Systems Analyst
>> Web Infrastructure-Operations
>> 404-506-3011

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