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From John Turner <>
Subject Re: Apache-Tomcat Config
Date Fri, 23 May 2003 13:53:32 GMT

If you follow one of my HOWTOs, every single change from a default 
httpd.conf and default server.xml is explicitly described.

You didn't describe if http://localhost:8080 works for servlets.  If it 
does, then the problem is in your httpd.conf.  For an exact listing of the 
changes to httpd.conf for mod_jk, consult this example mod_jk.conf file:


On Fri, 23 May 2003 09:43:07 -0400, Snelling, Jeff D. 
<> wrote:

> HELP!!
> I wish to have a Standard Configuration of an Apache Web Server and a
> Tomcat Servlet Engine. In our environment The Apache Web Server will
> reside on a DMZ and the TomCat Servlet Engine will reside behind a
> firewall. I am attempting to upgrade our older versions of this
> configuartion to the latest and greatest.
> Apache Web Server(2.0.44) -->DMZ (Firewall)-->Tomcat (4.1.24)
> < mod_jk>
> The examples web app is my test application. Serving up jsps is no
> problem however when I attempt to test a servlet I get the following
> error:
> Not Found
> The requested URL /examples/servlet/HelloWorldExample was not found on
> this server.
> Apache/2.0.44 (Unix) mod_jk/1.2.3-dev Server at
> Port 80
> I am attempting to build and test this config on my workstation. Both
> Apache and Tomcat are installed locally on my machine in order for me
> test differrent configurations. The Apache Web server, of course is
> listening on port 80 and The Tomcat Web Server is listening on 8080. In
> an attempt to isolate the source of the problem of accessing servlets
> via the Apache Web Server I tested to make sure that the issue was not
> with Tomcat, hence localhost:8080.
> In my research of this problem, I have notice that this question is
> asked many many times, and yet there never seems to be a clear answer,
> and it also appears that the answer changes between versions.
> FYI, I have also attempted to follow the detail instructions for setting
> up this configuartion, outlined in the Wrox's "Professional Apache
> Tomcat" <<Picture (Metafile)>> If possible, could some one send me a copy

> of a httpd.conf, mod_jk.conf,
>, server.xml, and web.xml files that will make the
> above configuration work.
> Jeff Snelling
> Information Systems Analyst
> Web Infrastructure-Operations
> 404-506-3011

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