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From "Bill Barker" <>
Subject Re: CoyoteConnector (was Re: Access Log Valve)
Date Fri, 30 May 2003 04:50:22 GMT
The j-t-c Releases are very old.  There should be another j-t-c release
coming out in the next few weeks.  In the meantime, the safest bet is to do
a CVS checkout (using the coyote_10 tag, to get the stable version), and
build-from-source.  For any TC 4.1.x, it should be possible to grab the
'tomcat-coyote.jar', 'tomcat-http11.jar', and 'tomcat-util.jar' from the
4.1.24 dist, and copy them to their respective places.  This may, or may not
also work for TC 4.0.x.  TC 3.3.x users should really build-from-source.

"Geralyn M Hollerman" <> wrote in message
> "Shapira, Yoav" wrote:
> >
> > Howdy,
> > Why not just use the latest tomcat release?  It has the CoyoteConnector
> > by default.
> At a later date, we may. But for right now, I would like to be able to
> follow a HOW-TO that refers to uncommenting the CoyoteConnector to use
> it, and uncommenting it gives me a "ClassNotFound" error about Coyote.
> So is there something else I need to do to use Coyote?
> Thanks!
> --
> Lynn Hollerman.

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