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From "Bill Barker" <>
Subject Re: SSL and Non-Browser Traffic
Date Fri, 30 May 2003 03:35:36 GMT
It depends on the cert, really.  If it is signed by someone already in
cacerts (I believe that this means Versign/Thwate, but check the JSSE docs
at to be certain), then you don't have to put it
anywhere.  If the signer is trusted, then the certificate is trusted (it's
sort of like the mafia that way:  If someone I trust, trusts you, then I
trust you).

If the cert is signed by someone else, you need to import the signer's cert
into cacerts.  If it is a self-signed cert, then you can import it into
either cacerts or .keystore.

"Lukas Bradley" <> wrote in message
> For non-browser based traffic, like foreign applications that POST to a
> Servlet over HTTPS, where do I place the trusted client certificate?
> there is no user-based authentication acceptance window, it seems our
> connections are failing.
> The end user has sent me the certificate, I just don't know where to place
> it for Tomcat to verify.  Is this even necessary?
> Lukas

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