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From "Bill Barker" <>
Subject Re: building mod_proxy Apache 1.3
Date Thu, 29 May 2003 05:42:46 GMT
What you are seeing is fine for most people.  It is simply that mod_proxy is
being statically compiled into the httpd executable.  In this case, you
simply skip the "LoadModule" statement, since it is automatically loaded.
If you really want, then you must also include
the --enable-shared=proxy in your 'configure' line.

For Apache 1.3.x, the usual reason to do shared modules is to be able to
change their invocation order easily.  In this case you would usually
use --enable-shared=most.

"Eric fiedler" <> wrote in message
> Has anyone who has integrated Apache and Tomcat built mod_proxy by any
> chance?
> My documentation on the Jakarta tomcat proxy hot-two document says to run
> the following command. I am on a Solaris machine:
> ./configure --enable-module=proxy
> This creates a file called mod_proxy.o; not as the
> documentation says it should. The next step the documentation says is too
> add the line "LoadModule proxy_module libexec/" and as stated,
> have mod_proxy.o
> Anyone know what I am doing wrong or something else that should be done?
> Thanks.

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