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From Robin Bai <>
Subject Why Tomcat doesn't work after I operate a few minutes on web application?
Date Tue, 13 May 2003 10:19:24 GMT

I make one platform with JDK1.3+Tomcat4.0-b1+Mysql3.23 for the WEB

But when I run it on utral10 + solaris7, the serious exception occurs.
Tomcat will crash after I operate a few minutes on the WEB application. I
have to restart Tomcat but it will crash again. Sometime it can tolerate
more operations on the WEB application.

BTW, the same Web application works well on intel+win98, intel+solaris8 and
utralI + solaris8.

Please review the Log Reports produced by Tomcat.

Any comments will be appreciated!

Your Sincerely,

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