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From "Daryl Handley" <>
Subject Forward to JSP from Servlet
Date Fri, 16 May 2003 04:05:30 GMT
Hi all,

When I forward to a JSP from a servlet, my JSP page is unable to find the
resources (stylesheets, images, ....)it needs to display the page properly.
The page comes up fine if I just type in the address of the JSP ...

localhost/OnlineStore/jsp/index.jsp for example

... but if I forward to the page ....


... it comes up with no stylesheets applied and none of my images are

I tried doing a res.sendRedirect and it worked fine (as I expected it too).
I don't really want to use sendRedirect unless I have to since it has it's
own problems.

I'm assuming this has something to do with the servlet that is compiled from
the jsp assuming the resources are going to be somewhere different, but I'm
not really sure. I'm fairly new to Tomcat, but I used to do these kinds of
forwards all the time using Websphere with no problem. Maybe there is some
setting somewhere that I need to adjust ?

Tomcat is v4.1.24


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