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From "Snelling, Jeff D." <>
Subject RE: Apache-Tomcat Config
Date Fri, 23 May 2003 15:36:21 GMT
Still building the base config on a test system. Firewall not in th
picture yet.

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From: Giorgio Ponza [] 
Sent: Friday, May 23, 2003 11:27 AM
To: Tomcat Users List
Subject: Re: Apache-Tomcat Config

are u sure the default port for the mod_jk (8009) is open on your
Giorgio Ponza

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From: "Snelling, Jeff D." <>
To: "Tomcat Users List" <>
Sent: Friday, May 23, 2003 3:43 PM
Subject: Apache-Tomcat Config

I wish to have a Standard Configuration of an Apache Web Server and a
Tomcat Servlet Engine. In our environment The Apache Web Server will
reside on a DMZ and the TomCat Servlet Engine will reside behind a
firewall. I am attempting to upgrade our older versions of this
configuartion to the latest and greatest. 

Apache Web Server(2.0.44) -->DMZ (Firewall)-->Tomcat (4.1.24)
                                                   < mod_jk> 

The examples web app is my test application. Serving up jsps is no
problem however when I attempt to test a servlet I get the following
Not Found
The requested URL /examples/servlet/HelloWorldExample was not found on
this server.
Apache/2.0.44 (Unix) mod_jk/1.2.3-dev Server at
Port 80

I am attempting to build and test this config on my workstation. Both
Apache and Tomcat are installed locally on my machine in order for me
test differrent configurations. The Apache Web server, of course is
listening on port 80 and The Tomcat Web Server is listening on 8080. In
an attempt to isolate the source of the problem of accessing servlets
via the Apache Web Server I tested to make sure that the issue was not
with Tomcat, hence localhost:8080. 
In my research of this problem, I have notice that this question is
asked many many times, and yet there never seems to be a clear answer,
and it also appears that the answer changes between versions. 

FYI, I have also attempted to follow the detail instructions for setting
up this configuartion, outlined in the Wrox's "Professional Apache
 <<Picture (Metafile)>> 
If possible, could some one send me a copy of a httpd.conf, mod_jk.conf,, server.xml, and web.xml files that will make the
above configuration work.

Jeff Snelling
Information Systems Analyst
Web Infrastructure-Operations

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