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From <>
Subject Security issue: parameter size.
Date Tue, 13 May 2003 21:54:55 GMT

If a user POST a parameter of huge size (e.g., send 1GB as the user name in a typical login
page), will that
crash Tomcat due to OutOfMemoryException? because by the time a servlet's service method is
called, the parameters are already in memory, so checking request.getContentLength() probably
doesn't help. Filters' doFilter() method has the same problem. I didn't go through the coyote
connector/http connector code to check when the parameters are actually constructed, but my
impression is that all parameters/headers are already parsed and stored in some in-memory
data structure (e.g., Map) before the http connector hands over the request to the servlet
container, is that right? I guess one can use a web server such as Apache to reject these
POSTs, can one do
something in Tomcat itself? Thanks.


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