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From "Hunter, Sandra" <Sandra_Hun...@BCTransit.Com>
Subject RE: Tomcat Freezing?
Date Thu, 15 May 2003 21:06:26 GMT
This freezing problem seems to be really intermittent. I am really stumped.
I have put in printlines every other line and commented out just about
everything and then gradually added stuff and it will freeze at pretty
(apparently) random places. It stopped doing it with one page (for no
apparent reason) and now has started doing it with another. But it doesn't
happen consistently. 
No applets, etc. Nothing fancy at all just straight ahead java and sql. 
I surely am confused. 

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From: Bill Barker [] 
Sent: Wednesday, May 14, 2003 10:40 PM
Subject: Re: Tomcat Freezing?

I second Matt's suggestions.  If you are really stumped as to the problem,
try inserting logging statements every few lines in your JSP (if you are not
using a real logging package, such as log4j, Tomcat's default JSPPage class
extends GenericServlet, so you can simply do something like <% log("Getting
DB info"); %>).

"Matt Wiseley" <> wrote in message

If it's only happening with one JSP, and it happens every time it's
requested, it's almost certainly a coding problem. Without looking at the
source code, it's pretty hard to say what's causing it. From my own
experience, I have seen only two coding errors that "hang" Tomcat. The first
is opening database connections from a pool and not closing them. The second
is a page that forwards to itself somehow. Also look for code that creates
an endless loop of some kind, although these usually either run out of
memory, cause an overflow, or time out.


> Being new and inexperienced as I am I don't know how to problem solve this
> issue.
> I have a jsp app that I am running in Tomcat 4.0 with Apache 2 HTTP
> on a Win2k pro box.
> My apologies to those who receive this twice. Some weirdness with my
> book.
> All has been well until now. I have one page that is freezing: it doesn't
> complete loading after several minutes. When I try to shut down Tomcat it
> also doesn't do anything. It displays this message in the command line:
> "Stopping service Tomcat-Standalone" but after several minutes the window
> still open and the task manager tells me Tomcat is still running. I have
> tried stopping tomcat,deleting all the files in the work folder and
> restarting Tomcat.
> I know it must be something to do with the page, but I don't know where to
> begin to look or what to look for.
> Any ideas?
> Sandra Patricia Hunter
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