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From "Hunter, Sandra" <Sandra_Hun...@BCTransit.Com>
Subject Tomcat Freezing?
Date Wed, 14 May 2003 23:18:16 GMT
Being new and inexperienced as I am I don't know how to problem solve this

I have a jsp app that I am running in Tomcat 4.0 with Apache 2 HTTP  server
on a Win2k pro box.

My apologies to those who receive this twice. Some weirdness with my address

All has been well until now. I have one page that is freezing: it doesn't
complete loading after several minutes. When I try to shut down Tomcat it
also doesn't do anything. It displays this message in the command line:
"Stopping service Tomcat-Standalone" but after several minutes the window is
still open and the task manager tells me Tomcat is still running. I have
tried stopping tomcat,deleting all the files in the work folder and
restarting Tomcat. 

I know it must be something to do with the page, but I don't know where to
begin to look or what to look for.

Any ideas?


Sandra Patricia Hunter

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