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From Micael <>
Subject Re: Rproblem: New Session created on each new JSP
Date Fri, 23 May 2003 14:59:38 GMT
Just a guess, Padraig, but aren't you starting a new id with your 
code?  There will be a session id even if you do nothing, right?  Try 
taking out your setAttribute stuff and see what happens?  Probably not 
helpful, but a stab in the dark.

At 03:33 PM 5/23/03 +0100, you wrote:
>Dear friends,
>I have problem in a JSP app run on tomcat3.3 whereby a session does not 
>exist for more than one page. The problem is encountered whenever I try to 
>use a session variable created in a previous JSP. I have done my 
>system.outs and a new session is created from page to page instead of 
>using the existing session. This is what I posted on one of the forums:
>My problem is that I can't maintain a session over more than one page. I 
>create a session in validateLogin.jsp:
>isAdmin = customerProfileBean.isUserAdmin(username);
>System.out.println("User Type is "+isAdmin+" in validateLogin");
>System.out.println("Max Inactive Interval is: 
>System.out.println("Session.isNew() is "+session.isNew()+" in validate");
>System.out.println("Session.getId() is "+session.getId()+" in validate");
>Then I re-direct to myLucidity.jsp, and try to access the session:
>String user = null;
>user = (String)session.getAttribute("user");
>System.out.println("User is "+user+" in myLucidity");
>System.out.println("Session.isNew() is "+session.isNew()+" in myLucidity");
>System.out.println("Session.getId() is "+session.getId()+" in myLucidity");
>session.isNew() is "true" in both cases, and session.getId() returns 
>different values. In other words, a new session is created in 
>myLucidity.jsp rather than using the session started in validateLogin.jsp, 
>as it should.
>I have checked the max inactive interval for the session and it's 1800, so 
>that's not the problem.
>My browser is set to "Accept All Cookies", so they're stored locally. In 
>server.xml, I have:
><SessionId cookiesFirst="true" noCookies="false" />
><SimpleSessionStore maxActiveSessions="-1" />
>Can anyone help?
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