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From William Wragg <>
Subject Re: Why bean changes doesn't reflect in JSP in tomcat4.1.24??
Date Wed, 14 May 2003 10:56:24 GMT
What I usually do is:

1) go into $CATALINA_HOME/work/Standalone/localhost/myapp and delete 
everything there - it's not strictly necessary to delete everything but I 
do it automatically for simplicity.

2) delete the .class file of the bean - again not strictly necessary, but I 
do it to make sure that I know it has been recompiled and the JSP is using 
the new code, as you get an obvious message if it hasn't.

When the JSP is recompiled, when you revisit it (I prefer to do this with a 
new browser instance) tomcat will also recompile the beans it uses within 
the page.

Hope this helps,


At 07:10 14/05/2003, you wrote:

>Can some please elaborate this problem.....
>Why my bean changes doesn't reflect when I reload my page in the browser or
>even I open a newer instance of browser??

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