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From Geralyn M Hollerman <>
Subject Re: Apache2/Tomcat/mod_jk2/ajp13
Date Fri, 30 May 2003 12:20:59 GMT
At 04:51 PM 5/29/2003 -0700,  Vincent J. Buonassisi wrote:
>i wish i could better help you but i am having problems as well in trying 
>to get these components working together.  but, i will try to give you 
>meager comments based on my reading/experience.

Thanks! I appreciate it - it seems I have read so many different views
what to do for this, I'm never sure if I'm understanding everything I
the way it was meant! It's good to hear from someone who is going thru
same thing I am!

>one question: were you able to get rid of the mod_jk2 error at startup in 
>apache ([error] mod_jk child init 1 0) that you wrote about earlier?

Not today, no. I never got a response to the question about it, but I
it wasn't hurting anything - at least that I could see. Maybe that's the 
source of all my problems? I don't know!

>i believe that the file jk2.socket should be created on the tomcat side 
>when tomcat starts up and reads the file (i think that the 
>file is read if you have defined a jk2 connector in the server.xml 
>file).  however, i see that you have the line for creating this socket 
>commented out and you also don't list the unix domain socket (channelUnix) 
>in the handler list handler.list.

I read that the jk2.socket file was created by Tomcat - but I thought
see a sample one SOMEWHERE. Where did I define the file? 
Hmm, I can't remember right off, but that location sounds right. I
familiar with the notion of a UNIX domain socket, and I didn't come
that until late in my reading, so I don't think that part is vital, as
as TCP/IP sockets are used by default, and of course both Tomcat and
have the same references in their configs.

>have you looked at all of the tomcat log files (catalina.out, etc) to see 
>if there are any errors?  i've noticed that errors will not be identified 
>w/ an 'error' tag but will be embedded in w/ the rest of the informational 
>logging messages.

Is there some way of getting more informational messages (like adding a 
timestamp) into catalina.out? I haven't looked at that all that much,
about all I see is stuff like "Starting service Tomcat Apache" - it'd be 
nice(and helpful) to see more info! I *think* I'm looking at the right'd be nice if there was a log for mod_jk2, tho I did see how to 
define a "status" worker for it to prove to me that mod_jk2 was ok...

>i have not tried using tcp/ip sockets to see if i get the same results 
>that you do.  but, i will try it to see if i get better results.

Like I mentioned, I didn't use UNIX sockets as I didn't see them
until late in my reading. UNIX sockets are supposed to be  much, much 
faster than TCP/IP sockets and are supposed to offer better performance
well, without this working as it is supposed to, I can't confirm that as 
being true or false!

Now, I have also tried mod_jk; using that gets rid of that first
we were talking about (which is something I don't understand - I get the 
error with mod_jk*2*, but the error itself refers to "mod_jk" - did
just forget to update the error message?), and I get a little further -
in, instead of getting a blank page and an 400 (bad request) message in
apache log, I get a static page (usually a .html page, like index.html
the Tomcat examples), and then the 400 message in the log when I go to 
execute a .jsp or a .class file.

I think I've beaten server.xml and httpd.conf about to death; maybe
something in, say, web.xml that I need to be looking at?

Thanks for the reply!

Lynn Hollerman.

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